Alison Smith 's testimonial

  • "After suffering from worsening back and sciatic pain for 5 years Dr Sherief was, literally, my last hope, having been extremely close to becoming disabled by this unrelenting pain. Nothing seemed to have any effect on it and I had been through physiotherapy, steroid injections, acupuncture and countless other therapies, many of which were expensive and ineffective.
    However Dr Sherief was able to look at my extremely complex spinal problem and see what many other medical professionals before him had not and that surgery was my best option.
    I was daunted at the thought of the surgery but Dr Sherief was extremely generous with his consultation time and really took the time and trouble to thoroughly explain my procedure in terms I could understand.
    At every consultation prior to my surgery he would ask me several times before I left his office if there was anything else I needed to ask or know so that I never felt rushed and was always informed and reassured.
    On the morning of my surgery Dr Sherief came to see me and was so confident, calm and kind to me as I was very nervous about my operation.
    The surgery went extremely well despite being such a huge operation and in the days that followed Dr Sherief came to see me in hospital to check on my wellbeing. I felt very well cared for and in excellent hands.
    My aftercare was equally exemplary with many check ups to assess my healing and progress. I am now pain free and this has been life changing for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this this superlative and extremely skilled Surgeon and indeed have only one regret-that I did not find him much sooner."